Medical Records Organized and Summarized

Endless pages of medical records to sort through? LET US HELP!

Spend your valuable time on your core business rather than sorting, organizing and working to understanding medical information for a case or claim...

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Medical record organization and summarization provides a systematic and structured presentation of a patient’s extensive medical data. Quick, detailed insight into this case and claim data allows for efficient and swift case processing for legal service providers, attorneys and health insurance firms.

Our specialized team of doctors, pharmacists, and medical writers process nearly a million pages per month. We offer customizable services in medical records reorganization with a TAT [turnaround time] as fast as 24 hours.




Current Documents

CIOMetrics will professionally and quickly organize and summarize your records needed for your case or claim. Our robust, secure and intuitive software and services expedite the complete life cycle of a claims case and is delivered in a clean, easy to use format.




Systematically organized medical records with index, cross-references, hyperlinks and bookmarks are easily searchable.

  • Identify complaint history, observations, impressions and treatment
  • Sort by date, visit day/time, location, provider, treatment, date of loss (DOL)
  • Missing provider information – identify referred providers when not listed



Summarized Option

Professional, concise medical information summarization allows quick understanding of a case and claim.

  • Specialized team of doctors, pharmacists and medical experts write clear, easily understood summaries
  • 40-day certification program for each team member and multi-layer QA process ensures quality

Billing Option

Organized and searchable, important billing information is easily located.

  • Billing data is sortable by date for easy review and is hyperlinked to the actual billing pages for quick reference


Organized and searchable, important billing information is easily located.

  • High ROI (25%+ Cost Savings)
  • Multi-Level Quality Check
  • Professional Staff
  • Rapid Turnaround
  • Full HIPPA Compliance
  • Experience: 1 Million Pages per Month Processed
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