CIOMetrics Identifies the organization’s current and desired states, in phases, and works within your organization’s vision to increase productivity and reduce costs on an on-going basis. Our methodology is proven and very low-risk for our customers.

Situational Analysis

Perform a no-cost Situational Analysis and provide an Inception Report. Like a blood test, this analysis provides a status of the organization’s health, including the IT structure, operations, manpower, software platforms, etc. The goals include improving communications, reducing double work, rework and wasted time and money. The Inception Report is then provided with high-level solutions proposed. The process typically takes between one and two business days.

Full Analysis

When the Inception Report is reviewed, the organization can move forward with a full analysis, either with CIOMetrics, internally or through another provider. CIOMetrics will complete the full analysis, if desired, to expand on the Situational Analysis findings. Results are then provided to the organization at a fixed price.

Solution Design

When the Full Analysis is reviewed and accepted, the organization is again free to choose how to implement the findings. CIOMetrics will provide a fixed price service to design a solution to implement the opportunities and issues found in the Analysis.

Solution Development

When the Solution Design is reviewed and accepted, CIOMetrics can develop the Solution Design components and provide a fully developed solution, also at a fixed price.

Implementation and Evaluation

When the Solution Development is completed, the organization can implement the solution or have CIOMetrics perform the implementation and evaluation, once again at a fixed price. The solution will be implemented, monitored and evaluated during and after the roll out.

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