QualCon - Quality in Construction

Make Safety and Quality Your Priority

Your single, centralized web and mobile based application for all HSE and quality processes across corporate, regional and project sites.

Increase Safety and Quality!

QualCon is Your Digital Vault for Site Management

A Web and Mobile application, QualCon has many features including:

  • Create / configure of safety and quality checklists
  • Customized workflows
  • Data recording and storage
  • Create, review and interpret detailed reports
  • Monitor and control safety / quality parameters
  • Receive user to-do lists and notifications
  • Integrate with systems DMS, SAP, email, SMS
  • Transmit data in real time to central database
  • Create, collect checklist data from multiple sites
  • Structure tasks, escalations, approvals
  • Minimize risk with severity-based responses
  • Time-based Work Permit site access

Collected and Stored Data

  • Committee Meetings Notes and Action Items
  • Training Program Data of HSE Training
  • Health and Safety Hazard, Risk and Control Measure Assessments
  • Environment Review Aspects and Impact Evaluation
  • Fire Drill Compliance Records

Quality Department and Auditor Tool

  • Internal QA/QC Audits Findings and Checklist Comparison
  • Incoming Material QC Checklist
  • Hand Skill Training Identification and Management
  • Site Walkthrough Observation Capture and Management
  • Concrete Sampling Record Grade, Quantity, Samples Taken
  • Daily Project and Site Status Information


Substantial and immediate return on investment can be achieved with QualCon as shown below example of a pre and post deployment of QualCon.


Increase Safety and Quality!

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