Let's Have A Look at Your Organization's Business Processes

Focus on your core business with more streamlined processes!

CIOMetrics will perform a pro bono business systems analysis that results in a Diagnostic Report with recommendations that address process, people and supporting technology.

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Together We Will:

  • Examine IT infrastructure
  • Determine existing problems
  • Review data handling, security


  • Evaluate compliance risks
  • Identify existing capabilities
  • Check for areas of improvement

Leverage Your Technology and Processes

Look in the Right Places

  • Optimize business processes
  • Identify new technology initiatives
  • Identify resource skill sets and readiness
  • Identify security awareness
  • Analyze IT strategy impact on business operations
  • Reduce operations complexity and improve performance
  • Determine risks related to assets and controls

Optimization = Profit

  • Build and sustain competitive advantage via IT
  • Connect current software via Middleware
  • Ability to automatically trigger escalations
  • Process outsourcing opportunities
  • Updated data confidentiality, integrity policies
  • Small, custom application development
  • Updated security policies


Using the Diagnostic Report findings CIOMetrics can provide a profit-increasing ROI Full Analysis and if desired, a complete end-to-end solution at a fixed price.

  • Full Analysis – Expanding on the Diagnostic Report Findings
  • Solution Design and Development – complete solution
  • Implementation and Evaluation - implement, monitor, evaluate
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