Hire the Right People Quickly with TalentScreen

Frustrated with the lack of qualified, interested job candidates? We Can HELP!

Focus on qualified, interested people with TalentScreen. Reduce your cost to hire and have qualified candidates ready to interview, scheduled right in your calendar...

More Data!

Hire the Right People Quickly!

Hassle-free recruitment

Hire individuals or an entire team

Position definitions simplified - you work with a recruiting expert to write job descriptions


Your recruitment needs completed from job description and postings to scheduling interviews

Qualified, interested candidates sent directly to you

Daily reporting and status updates

Interview Only Qualified, Interested People

TalentScreen: Your solution from job definition through interview appointments.

  • Job Postings – Expertly define qualifications, intangibles and post on traditional and non-traditional portals
  • Relevant Candidate Screening – Resume review, email, phone follow-up to identify viable, interested candidates
  • Interview Appointment Setting – Appropriate candidates are scheduled for you with face to face interviews

Your Information Available at a Glance

    View the progress of your hiring initiative quickly and easily.

  • Dashboard – See the current positions and every candidate status quickly
  • Tracker – Screened candidates are listed with resume links and ranking, shared every day
  • Career Page Maintenance – Your career page  updated with current openings for optimum recruiting use

Data Analytics

Collected data is analyzed to increase the quality and speed of your hiring process.

  • Analyze the specific actions and associated outcomes to constantly refine searches for quality candidates
  • Speed to fill positions, skill matching, cost per hire reduction, higher higher assessment scores, increase hiring volume
  • Shorten time to locate quality candidates
  • Increase speed to competency
  • Lead generation database for future reference


In just one example, 1685 resumes were screened

603 candidates were contacted via email and phone

213 interested and qualified candidates were sent to hiring managers!

  • Customers state this have saved them over 33% in hiring expenses
  • We have over 20,000 people in our database with full information
  • Efficient and much less expensive than current process
  • Team spends time on higher-level work functions
  • Knowledgeable team and software allow rapid movement from posting to hire
  • Less turnover and associated costs
  • Interview more qualified and interested candidates

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