Record Retrieval Support

The objective of the service is to address one of the main challenges faced while handling a case – medical record retrieval.

These service operational steps will immediately reduce the time and effort for your team and prepares both teams for additional process steps to be quickly transferred to CIOMetrics, when desired.

Follow-Up Calls for Records

  • We will allocate dedicated staff to follow-up more promptly with Custodians to obtain records.
  • We will make initial contact to ensure the COR received the request and then follow-up every 3rd or 4th day to expedite records delivery (or on a schedule defined by your team).

Invoice Processing / Payment

  • ITCube will allocate dedicated staff who will perform below functions:
    • Enter fee details of specific record type in your software.
    • Notify our team where checks are required to be sent.
    • Process payment using your credit card for records delivery.
    • Download records from portals including hospital and 3rd party portals.
    • Reconcile credit card charges against received records. (TBD after consultation with your bookkeeping team)

Mailroom & Received Records Processing

This includes these steps:

  • Clear mailroom within your software. (Identify the record type and put it under correct case)
  • Receive records via fax / e-mail or download it from portal.
  • Verify if the records are for correct patient.
  • Verify if all other necessary documents are received. (E.g., Custodian’s Affidavit)

Process Flow

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