CIOMetrics and our partners have developed products based on our experience with common organizational needs. We offer these products as part of an overall solution as well as individually.

Medical Records Management

A systematic and structured presentation of a patient’s extensive medical data. Our solution provides a detailed and methodical insight for legal service providers, attorneys and health insurance firms for quick and efficient rapid claims processing.

We have a specialized team of doctors, pharmacists, medical writers who process customized records daily. With turnaround times of 24 hours, we process close to a million medical records monthly. We understand and believe in client data security and ensure highest industrial security standards including HIPAA compliance.

Construction Records Management

Data sharing and revision between different companies, partners and vendors is challenging. For the best in risk mitigation, we offer services that regulate document numbering, revision, status and transmission at 99% accuracy.

Our team of domain professionals provide one-of-a-kind solution with the best standards in the industry. We specialize in engineering plans, bidder management, technical issues and quality checks, data processing, aggregation and validation.

Legal Case Tracker

Comprehensive Legal Case Tracking software that provides an integrated, robust and intuitive solution designed for legal departments and firms.

  • Dashboard view allows effective case management including a complete view of all case trends and tasks
  • Process Automation automates and streamlines the complete life cycle of a legal case, reducing cost and errors while ensuring process control
  • Enterprise Search provides immediate access to case files, documents, emails, hearing notes, and other case data
  • Tracking and Notification ensures awareness of critical dates and updates through the interface and Outlook integration
  • Multilingual capability ensures adherence with the appropriate Law of the Land

Route Optimization System

Route optimization and monitoring software for delivering products or services across multiple regions.

  • Phone app tracks delivery personnel via GPS
  • Master routes planned via route samples and runtime changes to find optimal route
  • Estimates if route can be completed on time, including across various regions
  • Profit visibility is available per individual routes and drivers
  • Increase efficiency by 30%
  • Generate additional business quickly with demonstrated route management and increased profitability for customers


Intranet solution that brings managers and employees to the same platform to increase visibility and transparency within your organization.

Automate business processes, organize knowledge management, increase communication, and share documents on a single platform.

  • CEO messaging and company news and announcements
  • Executive overview of business activities
  • Document repository for each department
  • Calendar and Holiday list
  • Company public news feed
  • Trouble tickets
  • Surveys


Workers Compensation Case Management solution software provides comprehensive case tracking, standardization and document management. Increasing efficiency and standardization allows more rapid case closure with a core objective of the injured worker’s successful return to work.

  • Key Performance Indicators for Case Managers to increase effective decision-making
  • Case life cycle standardization
  • Data transparency to improve efficiency and decrease costs
  • Automation of invoicing and reporting
  • Data export to spreadsheets


Mobile application to manage your sports team where you track player personal data, performance, medical history, fitness and injury updates. competition records and camp participation. Plan strategies for games, retrieve player and game documents, and receive reminders and alerts all in centralized database.

  • Helps in tracking player details, matches history and performance
  • Helps in designing strategy for the competition
  • Powerful centralized database of players, competition, camps, competition performance, match performance and player performance
  • Various MIS reports for decision making
  • Reminders and alerts
  • Document Management System for various player personal documents like passport, civil ID, medical records and other documents

Mobile app (Android & iOS) with selected functionality and features

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