Lean Consulting

The focus on Lean thinking will allow a shift in management focus. This shift will be to create and deliver customer value, rather than focusing on physical assets. Adopting this strategy allows a cost-effective way to face the challenges of global competition and overall efficiency.

  • Build efficient processes, eliminating wasted time, effort and materials
  • Design continuous improvement that will be effective at all levels in your organization
  • Create a passion to discover and remove waste within your organization

Electronic Value Stream Mapping

Remove unnecessary processes or components of processes to increase efficiency. As a companion — not a substitute — to paper-and-pencil mapping, the software allows lean practitioners to easily create, modify, and disseminate electronic value-stream maps.

  • Create electronic value stream maps
    • Simplified drawing process with such features as automatic icon drag and drop, right-click menus of data box attributes (cycle time, uptime, and rework percentage, OEE input, Change Overs, Scrap Loss etc.)
  • Build multiple versions of future-state maps showing implementation and what-if analysis
  • Share value-stream maps electronically to others via E-mail or the web
  • Organize multiple maps for macro value-stream analysis
  • Perform Lean calculations via an integrated Excel spreadsheet
  • Create charts (illustrating takt time vs cycle time, for instance) and send to the value-stream map and update the map data
  • Manage the Lean transformation with a visual storyboard
  • Standardize and speed up the mapping process with multi-shape templates
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